Cancer // Strength x Rabbit

Strength reminds us of our resilience and ability to persevere against most odds. Rather than use impulsive measures, you are advised to be calculated and strategic with your approach. Be cunning on how you want to approach this challenge, as...

Leo // 2 of Cups x Otter

The value of relationships & partnerships is represented with the 2 of Cups. This energy symbolizes balance and unity between the two parties, whom each offer something that the other cannot, hence making the union whole. At times this card appe...

Virgo // The High Priestess x Swan

Recognize your Magick. Honor your Magick, but most importantly, Act on your Magick. The High Priestess thrives off of silence, sacred moments & her internal wisdom. She comes to guide you through a personal initiation, in which all the...

Libra // Queen of Wands x Swan

The Queen of Wands’ energy is introduced before you can even see her; she rules with passion, confidence & conviction. Fierce & dedicated, there is often a playful demeanor exhibited, that balances out her role in leadership. It is time fo...

Scorpio // 10 of Wands x Owl

The things we carry weigh us down when they do not provide value or purpose. Take inventory on what your heart is holding, what you go the extra mile for, what demands you feed into your psyche; what use is this to you, really? It’s a critic...

Sagittarius // 9 of Cups x Lamb

The 9 of Cups greets us with the promise of our desires coming into fruition. Here we see a genie’s lamp, with the ability to grant any wish, sprouting 9 cups of emotional fulfillment, blessings, positivity and gifts. Life can soon feel l...

Capricorn // 6 of Cups x Peacock

The 6 of Cups generally brings forth an energy of nostalgia, for good reasons. We may find ourselves taking a trip down memory lane, remembering how far we have come & the trials & tribulations we’ve endured to get to this point. Through...

Aquarius // 6 of Wands x Whale

The 6 of Wands symbolizes inevitable success and victory. It represents the journey of perseverance, triumphing over challenges and hardship and remaining consistent to your faith. There could be a boost in your confidence as you finally r...

Pisces // The Hermit x Tarantula

The Hermit requires a great amount of “me” time, this could translate into solitude but never loneliness. There is such a profound internal transformation occurring in the world of the Hermit, that it is absolutely necessary they hold sp...

Aries // 2 of Swords x Fire Ant

The 2 of Swords surfaces as avoidance, resistance and lack of awareness. This character more often than not, could be experiencing a multitude of emotional trials & heavy weight in their lives. The need to make instrumental decisions, is...

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Take everything that's bright and beautiful in you and introduce it to the shadow side of yourself. Let your altruism meet your egotism, let your genrosity meet your greed, let your joy meet your grief..But when you are able to say, "I am all of the above, my shadow as well as my light." the shadow's power is put in service of the good. 



Ever tried to put some furniture together but didn’t have the right screwdriver or hammer or whatever it was the instructions told you to use? All you ended up with was a sad and wobbly piece that was embarrassing to own up to. No more half-assing! The right tools make a world of a difference when getting a specific job done. What if you had a tool belt that you could whip out anytime to help you

through life’s toughest moments? Well lovely people, we’re gonna tell you how you can cop a magical toolbelt just like that. For this month’s Half Hippy Book Club, we are featuring “The Tools” by Phil Stutz & Barry Michels. This book teaches you 5 different tools you can apply IRL situations to help you overcome fear, creative blocks, and lack of willpower. It also covers great tips on controlling anger, combatting anxiety, finding discipline, and self-expression.