DIY Probiotic Face Mask: Good for the Belly, Great for the Face

May 4, 2016

Alright world, get ready! We are about to drop a MAJOR skincare tip. Many people know that taking probiotics is oh so good for your overall health. But did you know that these happy little helpers can work wonders for your skin? Probiotics are friendly little bacteria that your body loves to use for strengthening immunity and optimal digestion. What happens when you apply these bad boys topically? Watch out now! You’ll be blinding the haters with glowy, soft, and clear skin. In the same way that our digestive system houses a huge population of hard-working bacteria, our skin also utilizes it’s own colony of microorganisms to keep us healthy. Check out our quick DIY recipe below.


Basic Recipe

1 Capsule probiotic

1 teaspoon Carrier oil of choice. We love hemp oil

1 tablespoon plain organic yogurt (optional). We prefer full fat Greek style yogurt.



Break open your probiotic capsule and mix all ingredients. Apply with clean hands or a brush if you’re feeling extra fancy. Leave on for 10-30 minutes and wash off with warm water.



  • Probiotics on the skin help with inflammation, allergies, acne, rosacea, eczema, and dry patches. Increasing the friendly bacteria population is also great for defending your skin against infection and imbalances.

  • Your carrier oil is there to help bind the mask together and to moisturize. Hemp is one of our favorites because it doesn’t clog pores and has tons of great nutrients and fatty acids.

  • Yogurt already has probiotics in it so it’s a great way to get even more of your bacterial bffs. It also has zinc, proteins, healthy fats, and lactic acid, which are great for getting your skin to glow. Lactic acid is especially good because it gently exfoliates dead skin away.



  • Choose a probiotic that comes as a capsule with loose powder. Solid pills have to be crushed first and are harder to mix.

  • Choose a carrier oil that is suitable for your skin type/needs.

  • Make sure your oil is organic, cold pressed, and unrefined for maximum benefits

  • If you choose to use yogurt be prepared to feel super fresh. It feels tingly and cool on the skin!

  • Customize this mask to your needs. Add a few drops of lavender or any other skin friendly essential oil. A dash of turmeric is great for healing acne. A little extra oil can help with dry skin. Have fun with your mask mix!

For more info on the benefits of probiotics in general click here. Get prepared to glow and shine thanks to your microscopic buddies.



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