DIY Setting Spray - Upgrade Your Makeup Routine

May 27, 2016


Want your makeup to last longer, look extra glowy, or get a refreshing reset during that midday slump? Look no further! Check out our DIY recipe that doubles as a facial mist and makeup setting spray recipe. You can use this over makeup to set it in place, or on its own to just let your skin soak in some goodies. If you’ve ever gotten your makeup done, you may have noticed the fancy mist the makeup artist either ends or begins your makeup with. This is the same stuff, but without the hefty price tag or questionable additives. As always, this recipe uses only natural ingredients, so no toxins are invited to this party.


What You’ll Need:

Empty Spray Bottle



  • Distilled/Boiled/Filtered Water: use water that is as clean as possible

  • Rose water: moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, beautiful scent

  • Witch Hazel: acts as a preservative, astringent, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, heals acne, anti-inflammatory





  • Skin Friendly Essential oil: (lavender, rosemary, tea tree) adds different healing properties, antibacterial, and yummy scents.

  • Vegetable Glycerin: moisturizing, softens, helps to lock in makeup, helps skin retain water, brightens skin, helps to fade scars

  • Vitamin E: acts as a preservative, moisturizing, anti-aging, antioxidants


Customize for Your Skin Type

Based on what you would like your setting spray to do, you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Just make sure to pick at least one ingredient from each category of  “bases” and “extras” and you’ll be good to go! Your base should be the majority of the spray and the extras should take up no more than 1/16th the finished product. When using strong essential oils such as tea tree oil, start off with 10 drops and work from there checking for any sensitivity. Glycerin can be used more liberally if you would like extra softening and moisturizing properties.


Bonus Tips

  • Make a big batch and freeze the excess.

  • Keep a bottle in the fridge and use the spray as a refreshing mist in the summer or anytime you want a mini pick-me-up.

  • Use this on top of makeup powders to make them look more natural

  • This spray can double as a toner!

  • Use a dark colored glass bottle for the longest shelf life.




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