September 12, 2016

3 of Swords + Justice (Reversed) + Page of Brooms



The 3 of Swords will be a delicate process in you mending your wounds and past hurt. It is sharply going into emotional areas that may pull up pain and resentment in ways you may have thought were long gone. This you will need to do to make sure that there are no more demons underneath the closet, once and for all. The effects may cause you to want to gain further space for yourself, to integrate all that you have gone through and reevaluate whether or not you want to continue with a particular relationship. In the process, you may discover harsh truths about your self and others that are unavoidable at this time. You have the opportunity to clear up this energy and to move forward with forgiveness. How will you choose to bloom into the ‘bigger’ person? Should you fail to shrug this off and make peace with it, it may return to rear its ugly head. You’re not the only one who slips, perhaps the 3 of Swords will help you gain the wisdom and compassion needed to see trouble while it’s still ahead and to guide those in need.


Consciously, you know you are dealing with the karma that you’ve dealt out in the past. What you make out this month clears your future and shapes you in the most dynamic of ways. It’s best not to perceive that you have not played a role in what is currently transpiring, for in some shape or form, you have contributed to its outcome. Reflect upon your beliefs, energy and any patterns you tend to exhibit. What do you desire to change at this moment? It is a powerful time for self-transformation and actualization; the Justice (reversed) will encourage you be completely honest with yourself and not dodge any bullets by avoiding your own power. Things are not always ‘black or white,’ sometimes you are required to be flexible with others but this does not mean that you are to allow yourself to be manipulated or shifted out of your own will. Be mindful that the way you perceive and what you expect from others is bound to change in a very drastic way this month. Subconsciously, the Page of Brooms is exhausted of stagnation and repeating the same mistakes. You want to grow, you want to expand, and you want to be fearlessly pursuing every passion that is in your heart. Nothing is stopping you except for yourself; don’t hold yourself back by playing victim to your situation or to your responsibilities. Get busy and plan out your life right by doing what’s right first.

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