September 11, 2016


5 of Wands + Page of Cups + Temperance


September will highlight areas of your life in which you have discord and a disconnection to things. Arguments, opposition and internal battles regarding where you should move and do next will present themselves as a theme of focus this month. The 5 of Wands should disagreements, there may be something that is presented to you that you cannot take well, or you are resisting information that encourages you to change but is hard to actualize.



You are being called to rise to another challenge and granted, you may already be exhausted with the curve balls being thrown at you but take a different approach to what is transpiring in your life. If you choose to look at these obstacles as opportunities to build endurance, strength and a greater you, then you are able to take on whatever is thrown your way with competence and excitement. Rise to the challenge, because the universe would not throw something at you if you were not ready. Perhaps in some way, what is being illustrated to you is something you’ve personally manifested and can bring you closer to what you’ve desired but this test is to prove if this is what you truly want, and if you’re willing to work for it. In other areas, you can be feeling exhausted from the demands of others, irritated and bothered by trivial matters. Be prepared for a bumpy ride, there is nothing massive here that you should be concerned about, but it is the presence of tiny uncontrollable circumstances that may move you to get out of your inner peace.


September’s theme may be presented as a great competition, but who are you competing against and why are you so threatened? Focus on yourself and how you can find more harmony with your life. You can’t control what energies are projected at you but you can control how you deal with them. On a conscious note, the Page of Cups will save you if you are able to rely on your psychic sensibilities and intuition. You are being called to be more raw and vulnerable than ever. There are a myriad of ways in which you can express your internal nature; trust your gut instincts and move in the direction of what your higher self is calling you to do. It is a month to be extremely thoughtful in any approach, to reach out to others that may be in need and also to cease judgment on self and that around you. You must accept what is, as it is but be unafraid to articulate how your present reality makes you feel. In many ways, the Page of Cups can gift you with more love and beauty, if you are able to purge and cleanse yourself from the demons that are holding you from the truth. Get in tune with you deep feelings, confess to those that you must and infuse your situations with love and compassion. Be open to great healing and an opportunity to mend your wounds. When you see or experience something that resonates with your spirit, go open heartedly towards it. This is your spirit pulling you in the direction towards greater heights and healing what the 5 of Wands have left behind.




Subconsciously, Temperance is about the realization of not rushing into situations or ultimately knowing that you cannot coerce things to your will in these moments. Your life may be like a giant dismantled puzzle, in the process of putting itself back together but you don’t have the power to meddle in what the cosmos are directing. Temperance shows that there is a great deal of magic transpiring that may be beyond your understanding. Your intentions and projections have been heard and accepted, now the spirits and doing what they can to ensure that everything lands in its divine place at its divine time. There are many serendipitous and otherworldly occurrences that catch your attention this month that bring hope and resonate with your current situations. Have faith that all will come together soon in full understanding and you will be renewed with a higher understanding on why things had to occur the way they did.















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