October 23, 2016

Aries // Queen of Swords + The Devil + Knight of Cups



The Queen of Swords protects her own and discerns what is good for her and what is not. October will be a breaking point for many of you, where you learn that “enough is enough,” and some vocalization over your discomfort in the past needs to happen. You are ready to stand up for yourself and distinguish your energy from what you’ve associated with, in the past. The Queen of Swords illustrates your stance over your environment or circumstances that have transpired; you are clear, honest and truthful with yourself and certainly others. Learning how to establish new boundaries, being clear on what is respectable to you and what is not, is a major theme this month. The Queen of Swords also has sharpened her perspective on where she stands and where she is going; she knows she has the power to lead herself and wants to make sure that nothing and no one stands in her way. Here you may be presented with the honest truth so that in some way, you may liberate yourself and eliminate blockages along the way. Confronting your fears, what has oppressed you and any anxious thoughts during this process, is inevitable.


Consciously, the Devil brings up themes of where you are stuck, what has perpetually held you back and any pent up aggression that has yet been expressed, be that from yourself or another. The Queen of Swords and the Devil points to clearing up any pain and releasing yourself from a dynamic that has been draining you and keeping you from your best self. In many ways you have confronted your dark side and made your stance be known. Considering that you have the courage to do this, this example serves as inspiration for you to correct other areas of your life that needs your attention. Once dealt with, don’t linger on the topic, you still need to focus on how to deliver your visions into the physical plane.


Subconsciously, the Knight of Cups shows that you are moving forward with a high head on your shoulders; sensitive yet prideful, you may be filled with amazing material to present to the world. Express yourself in all means; this is not the time to reside in the confines of tradition or structure. Creation is a vital part of your healing, what is your internal universe beckoning for you to conjure up at this time. Mixing and matching art styles, playing with your emotional identity in a playful way may help you recover from these bumpy roads. The Knight of Cups also points to the longing of love; if you are particularly searching for a partner or someone to share your vulnerability with, you may be closer to it than expected. By confronting your shadow, you made peace with what is and this magnetizes you towards the right people and aligned circumstances to enter your life. Be mindful that there are other ways to articulate the love you have for self, in practicing this, you radiate in a way you’ve never known. Don’t be afraid of putting your heart out there and following its longings.

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