October 23, 2016

 Capricorn // 4 of Cups + The Magician + Page of Pentacles


Pay attention to the details that surround you, you may be prone to live in a fantasy world, living purely in your mind and oblivious to what is currently being offered to you. October has been answering your calls, attempting to grab your attention at every corner, but you may be overanalyzing the messages and making it harder than what it truly is. The 4 of Cups is detachment from reality, a hyperactive imagination, prone to disillusionment and distraction. Regardless of what is taking over your mind, it is your responsibility to control it yourself. In many ways you may be resisting something that you know you need to do, putting up a childish front and avoiding responsibility. Take this as motivation to adjust what you must now; otherwise, the universe may do it for you and not in a way that you’d prefer.


Consciously, the Magician is your will to control things as you’d like, for certain, you exhibit much motivation to manifest your deepest desires and this is pivotal time to do so. All the resources surround you and you have the energy to make the appropriate moves now, again - stay alert, you may be blinded to what is blatantly in front of your face. Obstacles no longer stand in you way, the Magician sees to it that no excuses are made and no hesitation is taken in the course of his actions. He is convinced of his own power and believes that he can move mountains if he so desires. This influence is great for planting seeds for next year, starting independent projects or making major moves that will change the course of your life. Do not ignore what you must do; the Magician fears nothing but his own self-imposed limitations. What you create during this time carries much impact; expand you mind so that you can perceive anything in your path as valuable and useful for your craft.


Subconsciously, the Page of Pentacles is on a perpetual quest, an aim for the possible - dreaming big can be a major influence in October. Not only does this show your willingness to put in work towards your ambitions but you are now ready to take the leap forward and claim your part of the pie. The Page of Pentacles can also represent an individual entering your life that hold many innovative ideas for you to be part of. They can be inviting you to create more income and wealth with them and this could be the start of a beautiful new partnership that proves to be fruitful for the both of you. You have enough experience and intelligence to go after what you want, trust in your instincts. Naturally you will be drawing yourself closer to the solutions that you need, towards further expansion and growth. Stick to your commitments and responsibilities this month and you will exceed your expectations and prove yourself dependable to others as well. There will be many gifts granted to you for your advancement, when you see it - go for it!

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