November 22, 2016


Aries // 5 of Wands + 7 of Wands + 2 of Cups


Ha!! Although you’ve been resisting it in someway, as shown by the 7 of Wands, you may be getting into an important relationship that is inevitable. The 2 of Cups is pointing to harmony, mutual understanding and the exchange of balanced feelings and understanding of the soul. Someone is bound to come into your life, (if they have yet to) in order to bring clarity and connection. The 5 of Wands speaks of arguments, disagreements and discord - this can manifest in the physical for you if you are utterly confused in the internal. Get your facts straight and know what you want. If you are struggling with peace and honestly coming to terms with changes, then it’s best that rest, take a break and find ways to slow down. Decisions do not need to be made in a day and sometimes time off grants us more clarity than we can expect.


The 5 of Wands with the 7 of Wands does show break through with struggle; answers will be made known here for you are resilient and want some understanding over the past. Your cards can be confusing because emotionally - you’re confusing. One end wants what is coming, and the other end senses what is coming and is opposing that energy. Speak to a close friend about your confusions and anxieties. There is someone here that can help you out tremendously and is willing to guide you, as perhaps, you have guided them in many ways in the past. Regardless of the form this relationship takes shape in, it is a trustworthy one and is present to guide you through a particular rough transition; show appreciation and thanks. Think of brilliant things you can do together, it is a time for growth and healing. There is a connecting link that bonds you together and it is up to you to discover it; perhaps there is work here that need to be done, if you don’t fight it and yourself.

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