December 28, 2016

Cancer // Queen of Wands + The Hierophant + The High Priestess


The Queen of Wands knows how to get exactly what she wants; she is fearless, commanding, charming, empathic and magical. It is time for you to claim your throne; 2016 had brought you further into your power, not away from it. It should be extremely clear, which direction you are going moving forward. There is no confusion in her mind, she stays on her toes, actively searching for the next opportunity to get what she wants. 2017 may find you in a position of leadership, well loved and working for the betterment of the whole. The Hierophant reveals your higher calling but is also the opportunity to be your own authoritative figure. He symbolizes the “higher self,” and what happens when you finally decide to listen to your own wisdom. It is certainly time to take matters into your own hands, on a spiritual level, this is the next step for you. You may be assuming more responsibility but you have proven yourself responsible and capable of handling it. On an intuitive note, the High Priestess, sparks up your natural psychic abilities - use her to guide you in making the right decisions for yourself or in discovering the truth. You will be revered for your positivity and natural magic that you bring into a space, because of this, the world is at your disposal. The Hierophant is a phenomenal leader because he practices what he preaches. You may be called to organize others in the same fashion that you’ve disciplined yourself; you are certainly ready to be a teacher/leader/guide for more individuals that seek your skills and what you have to offer. If you have been receiving daydreams, brilliant ideas, channelling inspiration, etc, now is the time to take action on it. Perhaps a bit of practical magic will even enhance the results for yourself; the High Priestess ensures that you already know what to do.

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