February 19, 2017

Scorpio // 9 of Wands + The Magician + The High Priestess


Use your sharp intuition to pick up on anything suspicious or of concern to you. It is a month to refine your approach towards your goals but to also keep things secret and secure. Move without letting others know of your plans and you can go farther than expected. The 9 of Wands speaks of caution and heightened awareness this month. You’ve been spending sometime preparing something phenomenal for yourself and you will need to protect it by using your wisdom and courage. You have made it this far, but this does not mean relax and allow life to slip through your fingers. Stand firmly for what you believe in and be willing to defend yourself, if need be. The Magician as a blockage could represent you inability to believe in your own magic and what you are capable of creating in this world. If this is the case, then all is lost and you will not be able to create the life you love. Align your thoughts and beliefs with proper will power and be certain on your motives, intentions and actions. You may not be clear on what steps to take next but with faith, everything will be revealed. The Magician requires that you utilize the laws of the universe to your advantage. Don’t move in ignorance; create a more dynamic life by supporting yourself with these laws and experimenting with them. Rather than think your way through everything and sabotaging your own abilities; the High Priestess advices you to know with all your heart and to begin “feeling,” and using your own discernment whether something is right or wrong. This inherently is your intuition, it is time to kick it into high gear this month and use it to move past any blockages and insecurities. The High Priestess can never steer you wrong if you give her a chance to communicate to you directly. She normally appears in the cards when we often forget the value of our own inner voice and guidance. Remember this month, that you always have it at your disposal.

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