May 9, 2017


Virgo // 9 of Pentacles + Page of Wands + Octopus






The 9 of Pentacles represents a beautiful blossoming that shows from inside out. Your efforts are paying off and it’s time for you take a step back and observe all that you’ve created for yourself, before indulging in more. The message off the 9 of Pentacles is to enjoy the fruit of your labor; it’s ok to indulge in luxurious things and treat yourself for the hustling that you’ve been up to. This can also be a message that you’re on the right path and that everything is unfolding to your best benefit. Financial rewards are abundant and you may be indulging in more projects that bring further success to your door. Additionally, you have an interesting allure and magnetism this month; don’t be afraid to use your magic at your disposal.


The Page of Wands as May’s blockage warns you not to rush into any situation impulsively. You’ve done the work, now is the time to sit back and enjoy it. Analyze thoroughly before making any decisions because the Page of Wands can be prone to leap before looking due to excessive confidence and excitement. Don’t move on before finishing off the work that you’ve already set up to do. Octopus brings the message of strong psychic power this month; it may be encouraging you to tap further into your abilities or commit to training yourself so that you can enhance them. Octopus is a creature that has the ability to be extremely flexible and graceful, very much like the qualities of water, it can consume any shape that it’s in. Exercise adaptability this month and relax amongst your circumstances, this will allow you to be more in tune with your spiritual nature; you will know what you need to do, when you need to do it.



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