June 14, 2017

Capricorn // The Sun + Knight of Swords + Knight of Wands



The Sun brings phenomenal energy into your life in a way that makes you feel reinvigorated, more alert and aware of your space in this world and encourages you to fully live. It is a symbol of awakening your greatness and taking charge in this lifetime, bringing profound healing and new opportunities for you to start in the right direction. The Sun is a power that commands, you have the ability to lead and conjure what you will this month and with ease and much happiness. It can be simple for you to attain pleasure and to pursue your passions but keep a steady momentum with this. The Knight of Swords as your blockage reminds you to keep your humility and slow down. The best strategy is to approach your goals with decent calculation and a nice poise to yourself. You can be so excited and eager at your results that you can overreact and be impulsive with others or your approach. Be mindful of what you are articulating and think before you speak to avoid any harsh deliveries. The Knight of Wands inspires your imagination to travel where it has yet to go. This element ushers you into a playful and curious state of being that increases your confidence and ability to directly confront your fears, limitations and inner visions. Explore where your passions can take you this month; of course do so with some logical balance. Nothing can truly stand in your way with this energy at your disposal. Expect for your sexual energies to rise as well. Swift changes can be brought into your life as a result of you acting on your impulses at a reasonable pace.


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