August 16, 2017

Libra // The Lovers




The Lovers grants you the peace and balance that you’ve been seeking, at least it will hand you the experiences you’ll need in order to establish this in your land. Ultimately a great energy, the Lovers can introduce the need to make vital decisions in your life that will change your course forever. When it comes to this crossroads, your alignment with your spirit and how well you listen to your own needs will come in handy. Putting yourself first may be a challenge but the biggest lesson for you to chew on. To some, this can bring balance into your life once more regarding romantic relationships but more importantly, it is allowing you to fully accept your past choices and how they’ve made you who you are today.



Perhaps you have been negative one aspect of your energy, be that your masculine or feminine, and it is the harmony of these two sides that allow you to really make moves this month. Listen to your intuitive factors, to your heart’s desire but also be willing to act on it and to protect it at all costs. Things may become transparent for you this month, knowing where you stand on matters and distinguishing the ultimate value you’re attempting to have, will help you to find a middle ground. Be clear on making up your mind and don’t just take the easiest decision. Look beyond what is surfacing and reflect if this is truly what you want.





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