September 13, 2017

Capricorn // Knight of Swords


September marks a period of sudden urgency, things are flowing in the same direction all at once. You may feel an inner calling to accomplish things you’ve left undone or have yet to do. This blast of air energy can support you to tackle on tasks such as writing that book, tackling on your finances w/ strategy, creating a business plan or allowing yourself to express your spirit in a way that commands attention and acknowledgement. Attend what needs to be immediately addressed and be wise about it. Be on the look out for sudden information that is unexpected yet beneficial or potential insights that seem to stream from nowhere. If energies seem to be intense during this time, bear in mind that it is temporary.


Certainly feel the call to take action on areas of your life that you’ve been stalling on but the Knight of Swords should be taken with caution as it can lead you to be impulsive and reactive, rather than proactive. By all means, take a stand and be forthright with your intentions and direction but think before you make any moves, as you don’t want to make a mistake or be perceived in a way that serves as a disadvantage to you. Look into the details before proceeding so that you don’t miss anything important.



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