November 16, 2017

Gemini // 8 of Cups + The Sun


The 8 of Cups inherently reveals that you have aligned with your truth in some way and are now needing to make the necessary steps to honor that. There is no reason for you to compromise to a way of living, believing or acting, if it does not serve your best benefit. The 8 of Cups brings motivation your way for you to seek personal growth and to experience life fuller. This might include taking a risk and making a move based on your gut or leaving a familiar place behind. However this card decides to manifest in your life and however you choose to move, know that it will be in the best direction that you could be led right now. You are confident, bold and ready to create change and to seek alignment with what you want to experience. Pay attention to your inner voice and trust its promptings.


The Sun illuminates all that is working in our favor and all that is not, yet puts a positive twist to it. It inspires, energizes and activates all the glory within us so that we can pull ourselves together and do what we must in order to thrive. The Sun has emerged in our lives, gifting us with clarity with purpose, responsibility, will, joy, happiness and ease. The work is ahead of us but the rewards are ever present. This influence brings recognition, appreciation and spotlight in your direction. Perhaps you're "shining" in a way you didn't expect, you might be adding to or contributing to someone's life in the most positive of ways. Keep cultivating a healthy mindset and express the fullness of your heart and creativity in any way you can. Expand the ways you perceive beauty and enjoy the simplicity and bliss it brings to you. Many of you are in the process of giving birth, be that literally or figuratively, the time is fertile with potential and manifestation.






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