November 16, 2017


Leo // 6 of Cups + The High Priestess


The 6 of Cups desires that we revisit the past and that the past will come knocking at our door in various ways this month. The need to revisit the past, is to assess how far we have traveled and to honor our journey thus far. Consider the myriad of changes that have transpired from the beginning of the year and how these shifts have transformed you in the most subtle and obvious of ways. What have you left behind that you are now willing to re-connect with and focus more of this month?


Nostalgia is bound to hit you, beckoning you to pick up a lost hobby, or to rediscover aspects of yourself that have once been abandoned or forgotten. These may be characteristics that can now be incorporated into your life and used to your advantage. Old friends, lovers and circumstances can appear very much on par with retrograde season, asking us to clear us karmic debt, find closure in what is or was, and make the decision to illuminate the lesson in such encounters and find the benefit of it all. The High Priestess is confident with her internal mysteries and sits secure in her own magic, power and knowledge. She suggests that you act on that and find comfort within to the point that you only seek validating yourself.  


Do not seek another's approval in order to live your own life or to affirm what you already know to be true. Analyze your dreams, signs that you encounter on the daily. Open yourself up to the world of the divine by creating space for your spirit and honoring it by investing time in listening and acting on that. More is being revealed to you. If you resonate with it, act on it.


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