November 16, 2017


Taurus // The Emperor + Queen of Swords


The Emperor wants things done his way and his way only; there are certain rules and regulations in place that secure his foundation and legacy, take notes. The Emperor teaches us a great deal about how our personal disciplines make or break our manifestations, or alerts us to implement more structure in our lives and in our work. This is needed if you seek to yield superior results. How far are you willing to bend and ensure that you will create an abundant harvest to last you years and beyond. Do not fear doing the work and putting in 150% rather than just 100%, it will make all the difference and distinguishes an Emperor from a King. Know that there are many sacrifices involved, this is no easy feat. In fact, the Emperor challenges you to consider if you really want what you’re after, if so, then you may already be doing the work, if not, you’re filled with excuses and procrastination.


The Emperor may bring the theme of gaining authoritative power in your life or challenging others and learning from the experience. March commands that you speak your truth and you use your intellect to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd. The Queen of Swords has no time for games and foolish behavior, she sees through it all and is able to navigate directly to her destination, despite the mess. You are required to put yourself together, to strategize, strengthen and organize things into their right place. If you are slacking off, be honest with yourself, if someone else is falling out of line, then it may be in your power to tell them about it. Your words, your vision, your communication skills are all heightened this month. Use them to lead yourself into success, respectfully.



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