December 20, 2017

Cancer // The Star


Profound healing is accessible to you this month by the Star's influence. It reveals that you are being guarded and guided by higher forces that are attentive to your demands and needs. Needless to say, your prayers are being answered and you will encounter your dreams and better days, sooner than you think. Do not lose hope during this time. What is not revealed, cannot be healed therefore the Star makes it possible to reflect on that which we need healing on. The healing can take place in several ways, be that through a tangible source (book, piece of art, video, etc), an action or an individual who's presence and vibration adds to your peace. Large synchronicities or a possible fated event can cross your path in December, leaving you believing in miracles. Nothing is too good to be true, if you spot an opening that is ideal or opportunity, go for it - the chance will only present itself in that moment and it's just for you. Rely on your talent to make leaps this month and expand the vision that you have for yourself. The Star asks that we send our intentions out into the universe and release judgement, resistance and criticism on how we will attain these dreams. It is time to radiate your authenticity to allow the world to see who you truly are and what you are made of. The Star brings great creative potential for you to tap into you and much ease in your life. The months to come will be filled with miracles, a comfortable flowing pace, and immense healing and peace in your life. Maintain your vulnerability to receive divine guidance on your purpose and journey in life.


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