February 16, 2018

Leo // Page of Swords


The Page of Swords has a habit of being overtly attentive to details, which could be an asset if you’re seeking for new opportunities or solutions. Behaviors, particular patterns and cycles can be even more obvious to your eye this month, take note and improve in the ways that you have control; other than that, relax and allow yourself to feel a bit of spontaneity. You yield the power to offer good and sound advice or it just may be that you’ll be receiving messages that reflect such wisdom. Don’t jump to any conclusions, use your rationale to look at the facts and make choices based on your observations. It’s the perfect time to reveal any hidden truths or to get to the bottom of anything you feel compelled to investigate, as long as you act with integrity. The more you connect the dots, the faster things can develop for you. February may have you super attentive to personal behaviors, thought patterns and other details that you can seek improvement in. You want to pay attention to the details so that you do not miss out on anything that could be of importance or value for you. The Page of Swords is strategic communication, a rush to get things done and accomplished on time and laser like attention. There is a need to be completely honest with your interpretations, feelings & experiences. We are all individually experiencing a separate world, not everyone will understand your personal mechanisms or why you are designed in your fashion; your job is to have clear and open communication which does not breed misunderstanding or conflict. As a result, you grow increasingly comfortable w/ vocalizing your needs & rationalizing your approach with other relationships in your life. Action is to be taken now, so don’t sleep on your potential.

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