April 26, 2018


Capricorn // Ancestor + 2 of Pentacles



This month may appear to be a bit rough around the edges, demanding more inner peace and time for you to sort things through. Creates space to analyze your life from both the logical and emotional standpoints. What do you need to detach more from in order to get an accurate perspective? You might find that you will needs to muster up more strength than ever just to get by and have a grounded approach to life. April might find you juggling many options and possibilities which can be fruitful but also stressful. Although it is possible to bring these options into fruition, it may not all happen at once, so you’ll have to choose wisely and prioritize. What choices and actions are serving you vs. those that are draining you? Be mindful that you may find yourself in a constant fluctuation of moods as you determine what brings you balance. It may be time to strengthen up your discipline and eliminate distractions if you are to do it all. There can be much on your plate but it isn’t impossible to manage if you do so strategically. For clarity on your path, ask your ancestors for your assistance. Pray. Meditate. Hold space for the answer in your daily life. Pay attention to the ways that you listen and know that there are more than one way to receive information and to listen. Your heart is another pathway to accept messages, so are your dreams. Your ancestors can be a blessing to your journey by bringing forth elements you didn’t consider that are beneficial to your growth and assist you on the path. You can ask for help, clarity, guidance and information on whatever you desire. Give yourself space to receive the answer; you will know when it comes your way.




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