April 26, 2018


Libra // Phoenix + 3 of Pentacles



It may seem as if everything is under construction, April provides you the energy to boost up your status and standing. Use your power of negotiation and of cultivating the right relationships to get ahead in life. If you position yourself right, you will be with the most advantage. It will be a busy month for most of you and the ideal time to put yourself out there in new ways. Be seen and express your ideas to those that can help you. It’s important to know that you can’t do it all yourself, if you set the intention of allowing the universe to bring you the people that most in alignment with your path, you will gradually get your team. Trust the process because you’re much closer to your goal than you think; you have superior skills and talent this month that serves you well. Continue to work towards you dreams, regardless on what your current circumstance is - improvement is being made but you must focus on the details at the moment. What can you do to make a bigger impact on your goals and dreams? To leap ahead? Are there any skills you can learn that can place you at an advantage. Take initiative, do the things you haven’t done for your growth. It is possible for you to achieve more than what is expected but you must be willing to do the work and this requires an honest evaluation. Review your progress and establish a good schedule for you to follow through on that knocks down your goals with ease. For some, April may represent as a pivotal time in your life that marks for transformation, rebirth and an initiation in some form. This month may gift you with several spiritual tests, plot twists and unexpected scenarios that have you questioning your path and decisions. Hang tight; change is inevitable but it’s not the easiest. Get to your destination by being direct with yourself and disciplined. You have the inner strength to prevail.




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