April 26, 2018

Virgo // Orca + 3 of Swords



April is a great time to reflect on your personal blockages and all the limitations you have overcome in the past. You may find yourself revisiting some hardships mentally, and if you’re inclined to do so, note how you’ve been able to transcend them and how they’ve made you a better person. What lessons are calling you to revisit them again and what message can you take from them for this present moment? Things may not be so clear to you, therefore you’re required to slow things down and catch up to yourself. Pay attention to your heart’s desires and the information that comes from this space? What is the language of your soul and how is your mind stopping its full expression? What is your spirit beckoning you to do for your authenticity and liberation? Although some problems may be highlighted this month, it doesn’t mean that you should wallow in them. If anything has been pulling your attention in a negative way, it is to guide you on how to get out of your own way and be solution oriented. You have the opportunity now more than ever, to confront any issues and work on resolving them before they blow out of proportion. Prioritize your healing, the areas in which you need to work on the most for your evolution will pop up this month. Tend to things one at a time; focus on wellness. Consider that any pain, hardships and challenges you are experiencing may stem from a past life, karmic agreement/contract or vow. You can write a present day contract of your own, stating to clear yourself from any karmic debt, vows and agreements to the subject of your liking from all time, space and dimensions. You can also reference youtube on how to clear this energy from your field.



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Ice Ice Baby: Facial Icing for the Win!

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