July 23, 2018

Aquarius // The Star + 2 of Swords + 6 of Swords



The Star reveals your greatest talents and abilities; you will discover something profound about yourself that you’ve failed to acknowledge before. Others may serve to remind you of your greatness and ability to uplift and inspire others - in this you thrive, celebrate self. July proves to illuminate the path that now lies ahead of you, the responsibilities that come with it but the blessings that it provides as well. Have faith in divine timing; you will encounter what is meant for you, when it is meant to cross your path. Pay close attention to what you attract this month and to the energies you partake in, as this tells you a great deal of what you’re inviting in and what is to come. The 2 of Swords reminds you that you should focus on what is within your power, not on things that you cannot necessarily control.


Take it easy and meditate on solutions, not problems. Sometimes taking things slow and cutting yourself some slack, is all you need in order to gain the insight that you need. You don’t need to know it all or do it all in one go. Be aware that you may find yourself blocking out some important truths. Denying the obvious won’t help you get things done; control your emotions and get to the root of what you must work on. There is a transition that lies ahead that can take much from you, emotionally. It could be difficult to cope as you may feel like you are being uprooted and entering into a new situation and identity. Discomfort can be the norm at this time, as you are prone to face something that you’ve been avoiding but in doing so, you face a more positive & fulfilling life. 


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