July 23, 2018

Libra // Ace of Pentacles + The Hermit + King of Pentacles


The Ace of Pentacles gives you such amazing opportunities this month, all helping you to access more financial rewards and boost your productivity as well. If you can place your priorities on your home, career and health, then you will see these areas improve drastically this month. What can you do to embellish and strengthen what you already have so that it lasts longer or can provide you tangible benefits in the year to come? Consider adding a boost to your home by cleansing it, decorating it with inspiring things and blessing it so that it can provide you with more fortune. One thing to consider in July, is not being too anti-social or entirely focused on secluding yourself from what’s going on.


It’s important to have moments that you are recharging your energy and taking periodic breaks from all that’s going on but don’t abuse the need for sacred space by completely distancing yourself. There is an abundance of things you need to be active on and showing up for. Make yourself be known and seen; you never know who you will encounter and impress. The King of Pentacles shows you landing long term financial success through all the projects and hustles you’ve implemented. Don’t underestimate your ability to turn a coin into several dollars, use this advantage but know that such investments take time to grow. Luck is on your side when it comes to manifestations; stay committed to your grind and make space for your personal needs as you’re doing so. 


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