September 23, 2018

Aquarius // Wheel of Fortune



You are stepping into a portal of great change starting September; it’s the push that you needed to start playing big in this world. Luck is on your side and you need to be acting as such. Take nothing for granted as you move forward in life. The universe will be bringing forth characters and scenarios that are destined to occur for your personal advancement; take notes.


Although you cannot control the cards that are dealt to you daily, you do have a say on the perspective that molds things around you. You are coming upon better & more blissful days & can reap the rewards for the work you have done in the internal & external realm. It is a reminder, however, that what goes around comes around.


Be mindful of what you project energetically in all aspects of your life because it will be mirrored back at you. There is an exciting sense of unpredictability in September that asks you to observe your surroundings carefully & pay attention to any particular symbols that can hold unique meaning. Higher forces are at play, orchestrating your will into manifestation. Change is on the way but know that regardless of what transpires, you are being intuitively guided and protected. Immediate circumstances will cause great transformation. Embrace the unknown.


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