September 23, 2018

Gemini // Justice




A karmic scenario you’ve been struggling with will be balanced and justified. Perhaps this will be a doing of your own will or you will finally get the truth to something that you've been blinded to. Think about the consequences between cause & effect. Energy is alive and ever circulating, you will get yours no matter what direction you spin it.


What is not balance will be revealed to you so you can figure out how to transmute it or where to go from here. This is not an easy task. You are called not to merely observe but to do something about it. Encourage yourself to speak up or to initiate radical change. Where you can go from here is endless. Perhaps September is attempting to show you how to dream bigger or how to be more of a leader. By all means, do not limit yourself. Your existence is important and you have something valuable to share, regardless of what that is. The impact that you have is far more superior than what you can imagine. Rather than fight your karma, learn from it and allow the magic to happen. Don’t disappoint yourself; Do the work.


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Ice Ice Baby: Facial Icing for the Win!

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