September 23, 2018

Leo // The Sun



No one shines brighter than you this month. It’s time to let the world know what you’re truly made of and how just intense you can be. This is a period where you might get the recognition that you’ve been desiring or be honored unexpectedly in the most positive of ways. Don’t hesitate to promote yourself shamelessly and abundantly. The world needs more of your essence; don’t deny it of your magic.


There is a great sense of optimism and energy that hits your way, allowing you to feel confident and motivated enough to take everything on. You may find yourself giving birth to a new identity within, a more radiant, clear and playful energy that is willing to go with the flow and work with life rather than against it. So much is working in your favor that you have no choice but to see the gratitude in things and infect others with your positive force. Find new ways to reinvent your passions, career or sense of expression. 


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Ice Ice Baby: Facial Icing for the Win!

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