April 17, 2019

Libra: Wheel of Fortune x  Air



Unpredictability is the name of the game this month. The Wheel of Fortune has the tendency to throw our world upside down, leaving us to wonder what direction we will ultimately be on, and whether or not, we’re on the right path. You are. Trust that everything experienced and embarked on this month is intentional. The universe makes no mistakes. Blessings arise from every corner of your life, but don’t fool yourself into perceiving that they have to arrive in a certain form or manner. It is often the very things that are small and undetected, that end up to be the biggest blessings and surprises in store. The energy this month is very “expect the unexpected,” anything can happen that is of the wonderous, miraculous kind. Keep your thoughts attuned to the very things you wish to attract. It also serves you well to stay alert of any patterns that appear this month that repeat themselves.


The Wheel of Fortune will highlight karmic energy that you will need to release to best support your next stage of evolution but will also provide you with important lessons on “going with the flow.” Make the most of what is given to you this month; it will be exactly what you need to thrive off on, even if it comes in a package that you did not expect. The element of Air works well with you this month; your magic power could be effective communication and spirit communication. Never disregard your logic & rationality, this will come into good use, and inspire you to take action and launch new projects. Conversations, writing down your ideas, reading, etc, will be beneficial for personal growth and next stage planning. Write it down and watch it come to life!



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