June 13, 2019

Aquarius // The Moon x Sesa Wo Suban



The Moon has its way of bringing forth the muck and the mess for us to clarify our paths, intentions, desires and energies. It can be rough out there dealing with other sticky emotions along with that of our own. Armors up and cleanses up. Rather than operate on auto pilot, give voice to your frustrations; be articulate and graceful. Think before you act and be deliberate with how you use your energy.


Whatever the Moon pulls for you at this time is phenomenal material to be used as a tool for transformation & transcendence. It can either drown you or liberate you - either way you will be changed but the choice is yours. You might find yourself eerily attracted to an elusive person you're magnetically drawn to, or still contain memories of the past of a love unrequited. There is meaning in this. This information is a present, dissect what it is gifting you at this time. Your intuition and psychic abilities are heightened this month, it is a result of your ability to make peace with what is and to reside in the guidance of your own senses. Be your own Oracle. This is a month that will highlight emotional matters that you have yet to tend to fully.


The Moon is making the waters rise and will rock our own sensibilities unless we are conscious of our own vibrations and what causes them to shift. A close eye is to be focused on what you need to remain centered, grounded and to keep this peace, therefore all elements that are not in accordance of this will make themselves known. You don’t need to react, your consciousness on the matters will serve as good ammunition against future turbulence. The Moon may bring about an erratic sense of behavior in you, where your are in a constant flux either physically or emotionally. It’s best to take frequent naps or create a list of activities, thoughts or things you desire that can help you get back on track to your natural self. Sesa Wo Suban pertains to a transformation that awaits you; it s a new day and you should approach your life with the same eager/opportunistic lens. Be flexible with your plans and watch how the universe drops unexpected miracles at your feet.



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