June 13, 2019


Aries // 2 of Cups x Owo Foro Adobe


The value of relationships & partnerships is represented with the 2 of Cups. This energy symbolizes balance and unity between two parties, whom each offer something that the other cannot, hence making the union whole. At times this card appears and our minds automatically consider romantic relationships but in reality, the 2 of Cups can be referencing the dynamic of any relation you currently have. At times, it hints at an individual coming into your life to provide support, resources, nourishment and possibly a solution to what you most need at the time.


Key word here is, need, not want. This individual may come in very serendipitously, as if appointed by the Spirits to deliver a message or facilitate a divine purpose. You may also be serving that role for someone else in your life. Your task isn’t to jump the gun and consider all future scenarios; you are not the fortune teller. Your task lies in going with the flow, staying immediately present and assuming gratitude for what has been given to you. The ultimate purpose of this union may or may not reveal itself in time. You don’t have to rush to the conclusion for self-comfort; enjoy the ride & get accustomed to not knowing where the destination lies.


This card can highlight the importance of partnerships, perhaps finding the right person who is like the puzzle piece to what you most require. Be that in business, spirituality, love, family, etc; the energy of the 2 of Cups suggests that we have two wheels turning in the same direction, working for the same cause and purpose. Embrace where this is going; the more faith, hope & trust you can display, the more this connection gets accomplished. Owo Foro Adobe pertains to persistence and being disciplined to remain on a steady path. This could be a period in which you don’t have the blueprint to where you want to end up. You must have faith that you can see in the darkness and still lead yourself appropriately. Now is the time to blaze a trail for yourself and make your ancestors proud. Finish what you are meant to start.




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