June 13, 2019

Pisces // 8 of Swords x Sesa Wo Suban



The 8 of Swords depicts a woman who is blindfolded, unable to conceptualize how she got to that situation or perhaps refusing to see a way out. At this time, she's stuck, unable to liberate herself & is entrapped by a wall of Swords that symbolize the limitations of her mind. It is because of her dreary expectations and lack of emotional nourishment that she is unwilling to help herself. Your mind may be boxing your possibilities in, limiting you to seeing no opportunities around. Intuitively, the character is making their way to a sword in front of them. If they continue trusting their direction & instincts, they will have a tool to liberate themselves with & can see that they're close to their castle destination.


For many of you, you are way closer to your desire than you can perceive but you won't allow yourself to believe so, or the journey has been such that requires more faith than validation from your external circumstances. This card warns you not to victimize yourself and feel sorry for the condition you are in. Do your best to clear your mind and be optimistic about the road ahead. The more you work in your favor the better you can find a quick solution & get things accomplished. Sesa Wo Suban highlights the power of self-transformation and evolution. You are undergoing great changes at this time, despite any challenges you may encounter.


In order to thrive, you must be flexible and shift into a higher vibration. If you continue to do things in the same way, you will have the same results. Be clear on what it is you truly want and what it will take for you to obtain it.



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